Sharing the ambition
IDEA Paris 2013

8th IDEA World Congress

From one world to another: arts education for tomorrow

Paris July, 8th > 13th


The non-profit association IDEA PARIS 2013 was dissolved in March 2014
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«The question is not: what kind of world will our children inherit ? but rather : what kind of children will our world inherit?»

Jaime SemprunL'abîme se repeuple

Young Idea


© Alain Richard

Current News 

The proceedings of the 2013 IDEA congress will be published in December 2014

The week was punctuated by many events and impressions, by performances and meetings, by moments of interaction and sharing. You will find photos of the workshops, of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), of the posters and of the life of the Congress > here 

Please find the keynote and round table videos by themes

PHD Day > here

THEME 1: Has arts education become a global issue? (Keynotes by Larry O’Farrell and Emmanuel Wallon /// Round Table n°1 moderated by Jean-Pierre Saez : Arts education and the test of diversity, with Michael Anderson, Samuel Leong, Dan Baron Cohen and Ismini Vlavianou) > here

THEME 2 : How can Drama/Theatre and Education practices become transformative learning processes ? (Keynotes by Philippe Mérieu and Chris Cooper /// Round Table n°6 moderated by Steven Clark : The role of arts education at the heart of major changes in the 21st century, with Denis Bretin, Olivier Chervin, Kathleen Gallagher and Parasuram Ramamoorthi) > here

THEME 3 : An embodied approach: establishing a dialogue between neuroscience and arts education (Keynote by Alain Berthoz /// Round Table n°2 moderated by Joëlle Aden and Bérangère Thirioux : to what extent has research in neuroscience revolutionized our conceptions of education ? with Alain Berthoz, Rhonda Blair, John Schranz, Gabriele Sofia and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh) > here

THEME 4 : Languages in Drama/Theatre and Education: highlighting diversity or blending cultures ? (Keynotes by Robyn Orlin and Arpad Schilling /// Round Table n°4 moderated by Xavier North : Drama between the transmission, the hybridization and the blending of languages and cultures, with Alicja Galazka, Daniel Maximin, Françoise Gomez, Valérie Perriot-Morlac and Manfred Schewe) > here

THEME 5 : Creating and writing for and with young audiences : place and recognition (Round Table n°3 moderated by Ivan Magrin Chagnolleau : The question of how works are received through the arts : theatre, drama, cinema, visual arts, music, with Didier Deschamps, Carole Desbarats, Monique Barbaroux, Nicolas Bourriaud and Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota /// Round Table n°5 moderated by Dominique Bérody : Devising and writing for young audiences : place and recognition, with Marie Bernanoce, Pierre Banos, Geneviève Lefaure, Suzanne Lebeau and Philippe Dorin. Text read aloud by Dominique Richard) > here

Impressions ... images in motion

More images of the Congress > here


Discover moments key of the Congress on the site of the House of the gesture and image  > here


Detailed programme
General presentation of the congress (pdf) > here

Congress Schedule: view and download (pdf) >here

Thematic Programme (online)
Theme 1 : Has Arts Education become a global issue? > here

Theme 2 : How can Drama / Theatre and Education practices become transformative learning processes? > here

Theme 3 : An embodied approach: establishing a dialogue between neuroscience and arts education > here

Theme 4 : Languages in Drama / Theatre and Education: highlighting diversity or blending cultures? > here

Theme 5 : Creating and writing for and with young audiences : place and recognition > here

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PHD Day (Free admission) > here

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Special Projects > here

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Young IDEA and Young Artists Performances > here

General information about the IDEA Paris 2013 Congress
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IDEA Paris 2013 team
The IDEA Paris Congress team is strengthened by a team of volunteers (Scientific committee, volunteers during the congress, translators and interpreters, etc.).

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What is an IDEA Congress  ?
For more details about IDEA (International Drama/Theater and Education Association) and the Congress previous editions > here
Scientific committee
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Declaration of intent of Chairwoman of the 8th IDEA World Congress, and president of ANRA
The world conferences on arts education organized by UNESCO in 2006 in Lisbon and in 2010 in Seoul highlighted that educational policies throughout the world need to ensure that arts and culture are given high status. However, we still see quite a considerable gap between these declarations of intent and their implementation in schools and various educational structures and settings What the eighth IDEA world congress on Drama / Theatre and Education proposes is to reflect and to act, so that words and actions may converge and find their meeting point. Although many countries may differ in their views on arts education, either because they work towards distinct ends, or because of the diversity of systems in each country, they all share identical and essential questions we intend to tackle. (...)This context of global crisis and considerable evolution forces us to invent new educational methods and new shared stories, through which values such as solidarity, creativity, a culture of community rather than domination, and empathy will become the resources and the treasures of the women and men of tomorrow.An art of presence and speech, a hybrid art which invites all other forms of art, a collective art, an art of rituals and symbolization: drama offers one of the most powerful ways to achieve these goals and to improve both our knowledge of the world and self-knowledge. So our vibrant task is to build a successful congress together and create an international momentum that will celebrate the increased stature of children and young people through drama.


Chairwoman of Ideaparis2013

President de l'ANRAT